Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Recap

So I have to say that being without Interenet is probably one of the worst feelings ever. Maybe now #1 but top 10 at least. My modem had a red light for the internet and usually it's green. I tried calling At&t and they were already closed for the weekend. Oh lord, I really hate being without internet, Never again. I have been trying to get my husband to get internet on my phone but my husband can be so ancient in technology:P
Anyways back to our weekend.

On Friday we celebrated Veterans day with my husband of course.
First off he bought me Harry Potter Part2! I should have been buying him presents but this was an Im sorry gift for something dumb he did:P
I have to say that I cant wait to read all the books to Megan. Im missing some books but hopefully Jaime will buy the ones Im missing for Christmas.

We also went to a little honoring Veterans day at my little sisters school.
They sang and named some of the veterans that were in the room.

 Sorry for the low quality on the pictures they were takin with my Ipod.

Before we left to Golden Corral for dinner my dad surprised us with two pups, they look no more than a year. Its a female and a male, they are the cutest. I already went on a walk with them this morning. They are a great motivation to go walking with.

Yummy!!! Dessert is always good.

Saturday we took our family pictures with Joyous moments photography. She was wonderful, she has so much patience with Megan. Megan of course was so shy but she did amazing. I cant wait to see how they came out.

Sunday we had a Barbeque. Yummy yummy! We spent most of the day outside It felt wonderful. We walked the pups, we cleaned my car it really needed a clean. I hope we have more sundays like that. That's pretty much most of our weekend.

I hope ya'll had a great weekend too.

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