Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Review

Hello bloggers! I hope all of ya'll are having a great Friday so far.

Me, I am having a great Friday with this bad boy.

I am sick with a cold that has been bothering me for 5 days..yep 5 days.
I usually have the cold about 9 times a would think I would be used to it by now,but no still gross. With all the sneezing and the Kleenex and all the good stuff that comes with a cold.(yuck)
But I am grateful that it is me and not my little one, I hate when she is sick.

-So anyways-

Ive been seeing lots and lots of blog doing a review on their 2011:)
I love doing these:)

I can honestly say that I spent most of this year alone with Megan,
Its pretty hard being alone with a toddler while the hubs was out in another country, in a war zone I might add. Scariest thing in the world, I don't wish that feeling upon my worst enemy.

-Started a new semester at school
-Planning Megan Toy Story party
-Skyped with Daddy for the first time
-Post office sent care package boxes

-Dadda came home for the last time before leaving to Afghanistan
-Terrible Freeze
-Megan turns 2 & has a party
-Megan becomes obsessed with Toy Story
-Toy story on Ice(best show ever!)

-Turned 22 years old
-Had my first Surgery
-Received our first phone call from Jaime
-Made my first picaboo album

-Easter Pictures
-Our Love story was published in a book
-Passed all classes for Spring
-Cleaned out old storage into a new big one

-Mothers day was the best
-My little sister went to her Senior prom
-Had a pet duck for awhile
-Spent most days outside playing with lots and lots of new toys
-Duke became part of the family

-Megan and I went to the zoo
-My sister graduated from High school
-Made a Happy Fathers day sign for Jaime
-Went to Corpus for a meeting with the much fun
-Jaime finally got wifi in his bunk!!!(yes huge deal)
-Finally saw my husband via Facetime..thank god for technology

-4th of July spent at a park with Family
-Spent most days outside in a pool
-Big Brother month!!!
-Moved my mom into an apartment
-Started making cupcakes with Megan's help


-August 3rd(4th Anniversary)
-Went to the Beach with Megan(Terrible time,she hates the sand)
-Celebrated Jaime's birthday just Megan and Me
-Moved in my little sister to her dorm
-Celebrated my dads 47 birthday


-Fractured my hand
-Received Jaime's footlocker,which means he was almost home
-New Semester
-Buying Homecoming shirts

*Best month ever!
-Jaime came home safely
-Bought Jaime a truck
-Took Megan to see a Sesame Street show

-Marine Corps ball
-Crazy Black Friday
-Our First professional pictures taken

-Amazing Christmas
-Started the Elf on a Shelf tradition
-Made the Deans list

I would say I had a great 2011..and I'm hoping that 2012 is going to
be even more amazing.

What did you do for 2011?

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