Monday, December 19, 2011

Miscellany Monday (6 days before Christmas

Miscellany Monday

Can you believe its 6 days before Christmas! I am loving all the Christmas presents Ive gotten everyone, this has to be one of my favorite Christmass' so far.

Since it's Christmas of course there are going to be some crazy shoppers and I thankfully have yet to meet them (I hope I never do) but my sister,my mom, and I did some last minute shopping & we found some pretty good sales.

At Bath and Body works there was a sale a Buy 3 get 3 free
The sweet pea smells amazing

I thought this little saying was so cute!

We also went to the Bass Pro Shop,I still need one more gifts for Jaime but he's a little picky so I have to be absolutely certain he will like it. I didnt buy anything from there,instead we ate lunch at the restraunt inside the store. Amazing! because we sat close to the bowling alley. Yes I was super excited to be in the Bass Pro Shop, in the bowling alley, at the bar inside:) It was awesome!

(My sister really wanted to have that mermaid in the background.hehehe)

My lunch..I didnt like the mini burgers all that much but the fries we amazing!& I love the plates!

While I was having lunch my husband texts me and he says he has a surprise for me...I was so giddly and super excited for my surprise.

I had been complaing(asking) for weeks, when our Ball pictures were going to come in. & when I came home from Lunch they were finally here!!!!
These are our pictures from the Ball..Im not sure how I feel
about them but we match pretty well:)

While I was shopping I told Miss M that I was going to talk to Santa Clause about her and that I was going to take awhile. While I was out I also went to the thrift store and bought a small little decoration for Megan & told her it from Santa Clause. She loved it. I think she is fascinated witht he Idea of Santa Clause and that was my main goal.

She is such a cutie!

Oh I also wanted to post some pictures of Marshall the elf.

Have a good Monday everyone:) We have a parade to go to tonight & I have been waiting for weeks to take Megan.


Kelley said...

Love the elf! what a cute idea :)

Charlene Long said...

Enjoy and hope the parade was great! The elf is cute!

Mrs. Mama said...

love all the pics! i LOVE the bath abnd body works deal, i snatch up tons every year!!