Friday, December 16, 2011

My Christmas List

I have been so busy during the week and today I decided to finally stay in a watch Teen mom 2 which I had to take a break from becuase those girls upset me with some of their choices but moving on.

I have great news!

I Made...The Dean's List.

I am so very proud of myself, I really worked so hard this semester and I cant even believe that I achieved the goal that I made for this semester.

I saw this post from The Sweet Life of Semper Fi and I thought I would post up my Christmas list just in case my husband or anyone needs some helpful hints:)

1. I would love the perfume from Taylor Swift; Wonderstruck

2. A Kitchen Aid Mixer

3. Gift cards from Ross,Marshalls,Target

4.A touch phone with internet. Ya'll should see my phone it is ancient times.

This is the phone I currently use:
It's not bad I just want internet on it.

5. iMac computer,this one is pushing it but hey I can dream right:)
6. A desk(This I actually do need) out of all these gifts I really want this one.

Thats my Chrismas list...I honestly dont care to get these things whatever my
 family get me Im sure I'll love it.

What's on your Christmas List?

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