Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Christmas

Im finally doing a Show me Christmas link up with Becky at From Mrs. to Mama, I dont know why I didnt take many pictures this year but oh well I think it's fine:)

On Christmas eve It was so cold we just stayed indoors and cooked Tamales with my dad. I had woken up super early to cook with my dad.

Random: On Christmas eve I had been craving an Ice cream all  day long:)
My awesome husband went out into the cold just to bring me an icecream.Woohhooo

We cooked alllll daaaayy llllooonnngggg it was so tiring,we didnt finish till about 10:00 at night and we had started at 7 am!

We made a Mexican tradition food...Tamales!!!

 After we were done we played the card game screw your little sister won again..Im pretty sure she has rigged the game somehow. She always wins that game!

Megan also said goodbye her little Elf Marshall, it was the cutest. She still asks for him, I think she really loved him.

Jaime and I didnt sleep till 1 in the morning that night, because Miss Megan really wanted to meet Santa Clause.

*Marshall with Santa's Magic Key

Here is our Christmas morning.

Megan was not into the opening of Presents so early in the morning...a few minutes later(after she woke up) she was wanting to open up everyone elses presents.

I think she is going to love Christmas:)

My sister always wanted a snowglobe. Maybe she will have a collection of them who knows:)

My husband recieved a Pillow pet(he really wanted one), gerber knife, a watch, wii controller but the classic ones.

Megan recieved one last gift from her Grandpa G.. her first bike!

I recieved from Santa The set of Harry Potter movies, a watch, Wonderstruck perfume from Taylor swift, a 2012 planner and a catholic keychain that is for protection. I love my keychain so much.

We also went to the movies on Christmas day. Have you ever went to the movies on Christmas Day? It's jam packed!

There were so many people in that one theatre. Not sure If Im going to do that next year,but the movie was good. Jaime didnt really think it was that great but I still liked it a lot.

After we came back from the movies we went home to find some of our extended family drinking and laughing, and some of the kids were playing Wii.

Oh I also wanted to share some photos of my family at the parade.

* Have to switch back to my DSLR camera

All together it was a great Christmas:)

How was your Christmas?


Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Your little girl is just adorable!!

Sarah said...

I LOVE these pictures! And it looks like you all got great gifts :) I'm so happy you guys had a great Christmas!