Thursday, December 8, 2011


I am happy to announce that I am finally done with Fall semester! This was another tough semester. I dont really like Biology that well but I passed it:) Im still waiting on one last grade, which is the lab part of the class but Im pretty sure I passed it too:)

I have a ton of things to tell ya'll.

First off who Loved Breaking dawn?!!?I was so please with the movie, it was pretty much how I imagined it in my head. I think my favorite part was when Jacob imprinted on reneseme(I think thats how you spell it). We took Megan with us, I was so scared she was going to have a melt down but nope she was fine, actually she fell asleep! So Jaime and I were able to enjoy the movie.

We saw Alvin & the Chipmuncksout in the lobby at the movies, so we snapped a shot with them

I could not resist to buy one....(hehehe)

It was my little brothers 13th birthday last saturday and Megan so excited. She kept reminding everyone that it was his brithday. She loves when it's someone's birthday. I wonder how she is going to be when it is her birthday. We have decided we are not making her something big just people that are really close to her.

Last night Our Elf on the shelf snuck in our house and made his apperance in the moring. Megan noticed him right away, I was actually shocked that she saw him. She was just as excited as I was. She really enjoyed the book when we read her the story. Our elf 's name is Marshall....we got the name from How I met you mother. We just love that show.

I took an Emergent Literature class and on the last day  she gave me the cutest keychain ever! I just love it and It got me thinking that maybe I should start buying some things for my classroom.just maybe...
"Those who care Teach"

We also finally set up our tree last Saturday, we felt so late this year but.... it's up! Yay!
My little Sister

My little baby girl

I saw these at Target, I thought they were so cute!

Megan's slipper are so stinking cute! I love them

I'll start bloggin more often, now that I actually have time:P
Have a good night.

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