Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello Spring Semester!

I had a great month long vacation. I will admit I think I saw way too much t.v but I think I deserved it,I didn't have any time for t.v when I was in school but I'm really excited to go back to school again! I'm ready to be a busy body:) and kick this semester in the butt!

On Friday my husband and two younger sister and I took some flowers and some balloons to my mom.

We celebrated at South Padre Island, I love going to the Island especially the restaurants,they are so delicious!

 On Saturday I made some yummy cupcakes! & I bought some towels and rugs for our bathroom because we really needed some.

and then we played card games and had some snacks almost all night long:)
It was so much fun!

Sunday is being a lazy day with a ton of movies and taking naps with Little Miss M while Jaime went fishing with his friends since 5 in the morning.

Have a good Sunday!

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