Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Loving Wednesday1

I am Loving all the tv shows that are returning!!!
Like Fear Factor!!
That show has got to be my favorite but I hate so much that it is the same day as The Bachelor. Grrr I wish I had DVR!(Thanks a lot Jaime:P)

I am Loving my little baby girl so much...she has the best personality ever! & she can make me laugh for hours, Im pretty sure she could be a comedian when she grows up.

I am Loving that my cousin is having a little baby 8 months from now!=)
Its exciting how much our family is growing by all these grandchildren.

Im am loving I will be returning to school Next Monday!!Yay! Yes I am super excited,because this year I graduate. It feels like a relief to say that. Its not like I will be done with school but at least I will have a degree in something Im passionate about.

I am loving that I will be in an actual classroom with kids! I will be honest I am really really nervous,What if the kids run all over me,What if Im not disciplined enough with them. God help me.

But what Im really LOVING is  this momma gets to go shopping for a "Teacher" wardrobe:P
*Happy dance*

Something like these would be great
all found via Pinterest

Really, arent these outfits super cute! I dont think my husband will be just as excited as I am though... but I think If I slip him something in his drink he will be ok..hahahaha Im just kidding guys I would never do that to my husband:)

& Lastly I am Loving my little family

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Kit said...

Great outfits!

Abbey S said...

You will seriously be the best dressed teacher I've ever seen! Good luck in your last bit of school!