Monday, January 2, 2012

Miscellany Monday

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My New years resolution is to blog more, even if I have so many things to do & more of myself in this blog..I feel like I hold back too much and its time for a change:)

Im also "thinking" of a different name for my blog..It would be the third time but ehh still not sure about I said "thinking" about it.hmmm


Ok seriously I think I am addicted to Instagram I dont know why I didnt get into in the first place but then again my Ipod does not camera ( booooo) soo looks like I will be stealing the Prince Charmings:) He does not know it yet. Hopefully I can get another Ipod,you know the ones that are white and just coming out. Yep! So expect lots of photos all decked out:P

*Woke up blind as a bat this looks like Im due for another pair of glasses

I think my husband even likes Instagram:)

New Years Eve
Our New Years eve started out kind of dull..mostly because my husband was falling asleep at 5:00pm..!!He had stayed up playing games the night,Because you know, games come first than sleep(rolling eyes):)

Then my cousins came over and then things got too crazy with their fireworks..lets just say that I had to run for my life:P ( ok Im exaggerating but I really did run, so I would'nt get burned) Fun times:)

*My sister and I were experimenting..obviously we still need some work :)

She was playing dress up the whole night

Pinterest Finds

I love these!! I want to get match ones for me and Megan

With my extra planner Im going to plan for family events and vacations that me and my little family will be taking.

The pin was for eating healthy but I had to tweak it for a family planner

Disney Princess on Ice
 Im such a kid,really I am.I saw this poster on a website arena close to our home and I am soooo freakin excited to get tickets for Megan,Me,and Jaime.

We(Megan and I) had a blast with Toy Story on Ice and Im sure this show will not let me down. Toy Story was very packed so Im assuming that this show will be just as Jam Packed:) But Im so excited!

Is anyone else finding Facebook a tad boring and old...maybe it's me, Ive had it for years already I guess. I know I wont quit facebook but i think taking a break from it would be nice.

Jaime and I discussed what is to come in 2012 and I have realized that Jaime gets out of the military this year! Yes we will no longer be a military family come June..or at least I hope. He can still sign up for more years if he chooses.

Also..I graduate this year!! Yes I graduate,wow that sounds amazing to say. I GRADUATE! Im so anxious for that day. I cant wait to have my diploma on hand finally.

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