Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Teacher in the making!!

Its another episode of WILW=) 
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I am loving that I will be working with children..Finally!
A textbook is different from actually being in a classroom and
I have to admit I was really nervous to be in a classroom with children but I did it!

I feel so official!=)

 I am Loving that Jaime and I have been into the "food" mood. He made some banana bread and I made a sundae ice cream. I didn't taste the banana bread but I think it was a hit seeing how it was gone within minutes.

I am Loving my classes, I think I should have no problem making Dean's List again..but we shall have to see.

I am Loving I got one of my text books for more than half the price!!! I paid one book for $185, yes you read right, one book for that price. So I check online for one of my other books and I found one of my books for $10.95. I was so relieved because I did not want to pay a lot for another book.

I am loving these Pinterest finds

For children with Allergies

quilt made out of your favorite clothes from your children

& I am Loving my husband and my soon to be 3 year old!


Abbey S said...

Stopping in from WILW. I've been wanting to make a quilt like that but from all my college Tshirts! I was very involved, and I don't want to throw them all away, but I don't wear them as much--basically I only wear my favorites now--and they take up valuable closet space!

Happy Wednesday!

Natalie and Lee said...

I totally feel you on being with children and not always in the books! I was so excited, yet nervous, to enter the classroom! Good luck with everything and enjoying your blog! :)

Jamie said...

I al loving that closet. Wow.