Monday, February 13, 2012

FireFighter academy starts today!

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Here we go with the Miscellany

Personal space please????: I think I have mentioned this before..but now I got a story. Im not a mean person, im really not. I actually care about people that could really not even give a crap about me but thats just who I am and the way I was brought up. So anyways that being said he is my little craziness story.

I went to walmart to buy the movie breaking dawn
right and when I am paying for it all of a suddern I feel like someone is getting too close to what do I do...I step on her. Yes I had to, really she was soooo close to me. I thought she was going to hug me. I felt bad but seriously give me some space..I didnt say sorry I just said "excuse me" and gave her your crazy type of look. Dont regret it, maybe thats one less person who gets too close to someone.

FireFighter: So the academy starts today for my husband and I cant tell you how excited I am about it! Im nervous for him, he says he is not but we both know he is:) He brought all the gear last night that the firefighters wear...I was like SEXY :)I wish him the best of luck on his academy.

Taxes: I think we are the only crazy people who still have not finished doing their taxes..I really dislike doing my taxes. I feel like I might be sent to jail for putting something wrong on the last set of taxes I did. Hopefully tonight we can do them and get it over with.

Photo Fun!
Ok I love breaking dawn! I cant wait for the Part 2!

I found this beautiful ring at Kay Jewelers! I think Its the most beautiful ring in the world,next to the one I currently have, but wow this ring got me all flourish and was like falling in love. Hopefully Jaime will buy it for me for our 5th anniversary.

I just love this little table I wish I knew what it was actually called I just think it's so cute!
My parents got my little sister a new sister really needed a car, the poor girl had to use the bus all the im glad and happy that they finally bought her a car. Its hard being a college student.

Downloading iTunes for my moms new's so much fun watching an older person getting the hang of a device:)

My little cute yesterday.

I finally cleaned my ring at was so dirty,I was a little embarrassed:/

:) I love him!!!!

 Found this at walmart I thought It was pretty neat

 Valentine's day gift from my parents

 Miss Tinkerbell!

Yep finally started on the hunger games! I am already hooked and I just read the first 5 pages only.


Ashlee Miller said...

Girl Scout cookies are heaven and especially thin mints! And you'll LOVE the Hunger Games! Such a great series.

Summer said...

I love all things Twilight! OMG that is funny you stepped on her lol! OK so how gorgeous is that ring! I love it! Hmmm maybe I should ask the hubs for it for are 10 year anni! Your girl is presh!

Hope you have a great day


Bailey@Lost&Found said...

Hunger Games- so good. Although i'm only half way through the first. So i'm a little behind too!

And your personal space story is hilarious! I hate when people get too close to me too. I just feel dirty! I probably would have just asked her to move! LOL. Although, stepping on her is a way better idea!

And I haven't seen Breaking Dawn yet. I can't wait to have a me night and watch it!

Hope you have a great week!


Rebekah said...

I can't stand people that get too close! That's great that your hubby started at the academy today. Dylan did our taxes a few weeks ago but it stressed me out. I always hold my breath until that refund actually hits our account! That ring is so pretty. I haven't had Kay clean my rings in years. I always do it myself!

I keep trying to reply to your comments in my email but you don't have your email set up yet!

Savanah said...

oh wow that ring is gorgeous! And yours is too of course!!! :) And I NEED a girl scout to come around and sell my cookies! I haven't had any this year!

Julia Miller said...

Love love love that ring, I'm thinking about starting hunger games.