Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mrs. G or Mrs. Gonzalez??? && Some announcements

So today I officially did my first lesson with the Pre-k kids!

I was soo soo nervous this morning..I was in shock because it looked like I was the only one that was nervous. I think I did ok, the student really wanted to learn and play the little game I made with phonics. It was a great experience and I have to say I missed being in front of the class. It is definitely where I belong does that sound cheesy(dont answer that haha).

I have another lesson to do with the 2nd graders that involves this book

I hope it goes just as good as It did with the Pre-k students.

&& maybe my husband will the sweetest before he leaves for DRILL and gets me something special for getting back to being in front of the class.
Like this....

Oh and I have to add there is an awesome Giveaway over at Holly's Blog @these are the moments
Enter her giveaway!

Oh and I have some really exciting news to announce Tomorrow..

No no Im not pregnant or am I(dun dun dun)...;)
Come back tomorrow for What Im loving Wednesday to find out!:)
Have a good Tuesday

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Gris said...

I will sure be beack tomorrow to read.