Thursday, March 29, 2012

(Good)Netflix shows & movies

I had been trying to write this post for awhile and I feel horrible because I thought of doing this like two months ago but geez so many things come to mind when I want to write a post about something. Anyone else have that problem. Sometimes I will write them down but then my paper gets lost.

I know many of you all have netflix, and I know that there are so many shows to watch, some good some not so good.

Im going to give you a little summary of all of the shows I think are really good.

I love all kinds of shows as long as they are good and have an actual story plot.

Prison Break
Besides that this man is so sexy good looking,this show is about Michael helping his brother,who was framed for killing a Vice Presidents brother. It has 4 seasons. There is a love interest in there too with him. This shows is so crazy,you will be on the edge of your seat no kidding!
Im not really a fan of anything prison wise but wow this show was really really good.

From Prada to Nada

Ok this may be the Mexican in me talking but this is a funny movie. This movie is about two wealthy girls who lose their father and learn that he was in debt. They movie in with their Aunt who is very mexican and speaks a little spanish. Its a good ending I recommend you see it even if your not mexican, its really a cute story/movie.

Drop Dead Diva

A blonde woman gets hit by a car and goes into This woman right there in the middles (cant figure out her name right now) body. She is now a smart lawyer that gets many different clients and the twister?, well her fiance that she had is now the man that is working with her.

This is such a cute story. It a movie about a princess and she lives in a castle. One night she meets a man at a benefit dance/dinner and he "falls in love" with her. She does have a secret though.

This is a cute Alien love story. Its a good story, the only thing I didn't like about it was that the writers made the main guy and the main girl fall out of love which lets face it I'm a sucker for a good love story.
But it really is a pretty good show.

This is a pretty creepy movie. Its good dont get me wrong it's just wow! This movie is about a teenage girl who falls in love with a "bad boy" and get manipulated by him because he is older and is very controlling. I would hope my daughter never dates a man like that.

 Jericho is about a terriost attack on the US. This one town pulls together to survive having to be without supplies such as food and water. You wont believe what happens to the US and who is behind it!

For now this is all I got so far. I will let you all now about some of the other movies/shows as I start watching them:)

But I will ask you all do you all have any good books you think I should read. I seriously have been itching to read something good. I like just about anything except for Bibliography's and I hate anything that has to do with rape. Other than that let me know of some good books:)

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Faith said...

I loved Prison Break! Such incredible TV!! And I love Drop Dead Diva!! I have to check out the others!!