Monday, March 19, 2012

Hopes and Dreams questions

I know I didnt do my weekend recap But I will post it up tomorrow (I think):) So be on the look out.
I am finally back at school, Spring break is officially over and I really wish It hadnt but it was nice to get some sleep. on to this post....

You may have seen this on pinterest it is captioned "question to ask each other" I dont know why its captioned like that, It more like question for yourself but I guess you could do it with your husband. I think I will do it with my husband(hmmmm). 
Im going to answer some of the questions on her website because well I like some of these question and I thought you would know a little more about me:) If you wanna join in on the fun you can choose you questions or do them all:) Hopes and Dreams

 Im only going to do 1 so I wont bore you all:)

List 20 random facts about yourself

1.I read wayy too much where if I like A good book I wont put it down till I finish.
Currently reading:

2. My Ipod and chapstick are the two things I get first when leaving anywhere.

3. I never thought I would survive child birth.

4. My best friends are my husband and a little 3 year old that we made:)

5. Out of the boyfriends I have had, only two really broke my heart.

6. If you really knew me you would think I am an 80 year old woman trapped in a 23 year old body. 
(People say Im too mature for my age)

7. I love baking!

8. I love looking for crafts but have the hardest time making time to make them.

9. My husband and I only date for 4 month till we got married!

10. I never wear sandals or anything with an open toe. It a weird thing I have.

 11. I would do anything to have another baby.

12. I think teaching children is the only thing I can do as a job.

13. I have a love/hate relationship with showers.

14.I own three cameras and only use one...but every weekend I will be swaping because I dont think it's right that I bought these camers and done even use them.:/ (I bet my husband is shaking his head right now)

15. I am Mexican American(I dont know how to speak spanish but I can read it and understand what people say in spanish). My grandparents are from Mexico and my parents were born in the US and I of course was born in the US as well:)

16. I was in love with Salor Moon as a kid.

17. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would marry a Marine.

18. I have a tiny addiction to coca cola!

19. Three musketeers is my favorite candy bar.

20. My grandpa is one of my Heros. He past away 9 days before my daughter was born. It kills me she will never meet the best grandpa in the world. I knew he would have loved her, and showered her with kisses and laughs:( I wish she could have met her great grandpa.

Hope ya'll have a great Monday!!

Tonight is tacos night so I got to get cooking!

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Heather's Heart said...

I loved reading about you and getting a glimpse into the lady behind the blog. =)

I am your newest follower and would so love for you to come visit me.

I have a poem that I would love for you to read. =)

Heather's Heart