Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Miss Book worm

The end of the Spring semester is coming really really close and I have to say that you might not see a lot of me on here for 4 weeks.  If you cant get enough of me(joking) you can follow me on Instagram 
@dmgonzale07(no "z")

So on to my recap of this weekend 

On Friday:
My dad and I watched the movie
It was actually really good.The Title of the movie is kind of cheesy but I really is a good movie. If your into the syfy stuff.

I read my book, and I have realized Im a really really bad book worm. I can read and read and read and I dont seem to care. Its a sickness really. I have to tell myself "no" to buying so many books. You dont know how hard it is. 
If I knew more people who loved books as much as I do I would start a book club:)

Yummy Oreos!!!

It was a Hunger Games day!!
I'm sure a lot of you all have heard too much about The Hunger Games, I will just say it's a great movie...but your need to read the book if you want to know what these guys were thinking in their heads:)

We also had a small date just me and Jaime:) It was so nice to be just me and him. Miss Megan went to the Mall with my mom and siblings.

At the movies In line!

 We love The Bass Pro shop


 We had a BBQ and we said goodbye to my sister(she left back to school).

 Jaime bought me my own bow:)!! I had been wanting one for three weeks.

I'll be back tomorrow. Im sorry I didnt explain lots of the pictures but I think they were self explanatory:)
I have a lot of cleaning to do now.
See ya!


Courtney B said...

We watched Cowboys and Aliens at a drive in movie so we didn't concentrate as well as if we were in a theater... I'm thinking we'll have to rent that and watch it again! But we did like it!
And yay for HG! We saw it yesterday :)

Mrs. S said...

Nice bow!! Are you a bow-hunter? Pretty impressive!! We saw Hunger Games too - great movie! I am NOT a book worm... I always read on the beach or on airplane rides but I'm just not a book worm like I used to be when I was younger... Maybe someday I'll slow down enough to read a book because I do love to do it...