Friday, March 16, 2012

The rescue

Thought I would join in on Friday letters until my husband gets out of work.


Here we go....

Dear close family, lets not dread on the little petty things and lets just move on to more important lets think positive shall we?

Dear Megan, You are growing up so fast it makes me so sad to know that you will be a teenager soon and heading to college short after. And today I thought about maybe taking a class on how to raise a teenager because I swear I am so scared to make a wrong move with you.

 Dear Husband, thanks for everything! You make me and your little baby girl so happy every day.& there is so much more that I could say but you know me Im not as good with words as you are. I wish I knew all the words to express how I feel about how your treat your girls because you are the best thing in the world!

Dear personality, why do you always have to play games with me, lets  not be such a homebody, lets go outside and celebrate life!

Dear Future car, I really dont want to go out and look for you, why dont you just come to me? With my husbands working hours it will be tough to even find a you soon & lord knows how much I need a car, you should see my current car:/

Dear Nicholas Sparks, I hope the book I will be reading soon is not like the others, you used to be my favorite author but for some reason I feel like you keep writing the same things over and over again. I hope this next one is not like that. Thanks.

I had no idea it was a book until now.


Ashley Slater said...

aw, I am sure your honey appreciates the letters and I bet you make him just as happy as he makes you and your daughter. loved your letters! thanks for linking up!


Pamela said...

How sweet!! :)

terri fuller said...

so sweet! and thanks for stopping by my blog - you now have a new follower of your blog! i had no idea the rescue was a book!

brittany.kuhn said...

Thanks for coming to my blog (: Don't worry The Rescue is a little different than the others. I love all Nicholas Sparks too! can't wait to see the new movie!!! Happy St. Patty's Day!