Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Break has begun!

life rearranged

Linking up for the first time with Life Rearranged!!
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I love this game! If your addicted like me and have a week off for spring break..lets play:)

Drinking soda in the morning...not good for me..but oh so tasty.

My sister bought me this air freshener from Bath and Body works..Isnt it super cute! Its a lady bug.

Took this at school before my last class.

In the spirit of turning 23 next week I thought I would buy these Birthday Oreos:)

We took a trip to Home depot to purchase some solar sensored lights.
Its just too bad that the sun will be away for awhile.

I hope ya'll have a good weekend!


Jonnique said...

I love coke too...anytime! #insta-friday love! Your newest follower!!! Please check out my blog!

Holly said...

Happy early birthday! Oreos are definitely appropriate in that situation! :D

Our Beaten Path said...

haha! I love that game too!

Mrs. S said...

Birthday Oreos... yummmmm :)