Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Update! & Instaphotos

These past two weeks have been the worst. 
 On Monday last week I was told that the daycare that Megan was attending was closing...I started bawling so hard. It hurts me that she has gotten so used to a teacher and now she needs to be taken to someone else.
So all last week I have been searching for Daycares.

Megan is now in a new Daycare where there is actually a curriculum and use books. Its kind of pricey (my husband thinks) but to me as long as she is learning and safe and has fun it does not bother me.
 It was so hard leaving her with someone else but I just had to do it.
I will mention something very important, due to feeling terrible about leaving my daughter at a daycare I have made my decision that I will NOT have another baby if I am still working. Which means when I stop working/going to school I will then have another baby. I think due to this decision it is less likley I will have another child. I think Im ok with that because leaving a 6 week old baby in the hands of somone else will probably be 1000 time worse than leaving your 3 year old. I may just feel the same but to me, I just cant ever feel this way again.

I think I have mentioned also that I am currently trying to get into a program with a Texas A&M school and it is a lot of paper work and I have to be on top of everything in order to start my junior year of college in that school this fall. So it has been so stressful for me.

The plan was to Visit Corpus Christi this weekend but we were told it was going to be rainy and cold this weekend so Jaime decided we were not going to go (notice how I said Jaime) yes I still wanted to go. Honestly I just wanted to get away from this little town for awhile. As long as we do something fun to get my mind away from thinking of all of my responsibilities its ok:)

I have a few more things to complains about and whine but then I will just go on an on so Im gonnna stop right here and talk about Instagram!

So last night I realized you can follow people on Instagram and apparently I was not the only one who just found this out.

So If you wanna follow me it's dmgonzale07
Im sorry if your already following me and I am posting way too many pictures..I am just pretty excited.
 Dinner yesterday!

 Little Rapunzel

Isnt this super cute!
Its on pinterest:)
I am so ready for Spring Break!
 Dare to Dream! We cant wait to see Rapunzel and all other princesses on Ice!
 My brother and Dads project
Giving these shoes another try...yeah it's a no!

Miss Princess!

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Hilary Lane said...

I requested you on Instagram! :-) I have the same thoughts about leaving my (unborn) children with someone. I don't have a choice other than to work (have to love that I picked a career I can't leave!), and I dread the day I have to leave my children! It helps that my boyfriend only works 1-2 days a week so it'd only be 1-2 days a week they'd be in daycare, but still!!