Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend recap

Im linking up with Miscellany Monday and Phone photo fun.

On Friday: I went to school for about an hour. I love Fridays! My brother had a Texas Project due on Friday and I got a picture of it!
The Capital 

& We played outside trying to ride the bike.
(in her Tinkerbell costume)

 We also did some shopping at walmart:)

& We got Megan a doll house. She loves it! I mean really she does, I was also playing for awhile with her dolls.

Saturday was a sort of shopping day and The Lorax day!

Megan had so much fun and The Lorax is all that she is talking about.

This was in the morning right before going to watch The Lorax
This was Megan loving what she was wearing.

We also did some shopping at bed Bath and beyond and bought a really comfy rug for our bathroom.
 & We also went to Hobby Lobby to look for something specific but could not find it . Then I remember Megan wanted to try making cake cone. So we went to find all the ingredients I needed for the Cupcake Cones.

I would say she was very excited for her cupcake cone!..
I do have to add this, that Cupcake Cone was so hard to do.
I was not easy but Megan had fun helping me bake it.

I love this picture of Megan and her Uncle! They look so cute.

Sunday: I didnt do much Jaime left fishing and I was at home doing Homework for school. Fun times right?!
I really dont like to do homework but then again who does right?

Have a good Monday everyone!!!


Rebekah said...

Megan is so cute! What is a cake cone? I don't think I've seen those before.

Courtney Johnson said...

Your pictures are SO CUTE!!!

Ashlee Miller said...

Such precious pictures of Megan!