Monday, April 23, 2012

Car Shopping(Funny story of why I cant get a SUV)

Before you start reading...In this post I will be a little sarcastic and a little selfish:)
But it's ok Im a girl:)

I think I have told the story of Jaime's dead jeep.
Well I am going to tell you again.
So one day Jaime wanted to go fishing..I said yeah sure go ahead(he was about to deploy in a couple of days)
.......(couple of  hours go by)......
I get a call
Jaime: Uh babe I got my jeep stuck in the mud
Me: Oh my god
Jaime: yeah I called one of my friends to take it out
Me: Oh ok good
Jaime: But Im pretty sure I messed up the engine.
Me: Well of course it did.(sarcastic)
(I think we have bad luck with everything)
Me: Ok babe just get home so you can check it out.
Jaime: ok
We hang up

So turns out the jeep was total fried, and now he needed a new vehicle
So Im thinking Hmm this guy just got a new vehicle just two years ago and now he's getting another one. Awesome.

* Please not that the jeep is still on the yard,being fixed by Jaime because he "cant let go."

 So now it is 2012 and Jaime has had two vehicle in the past three years...

While I have had my car since Senior Year in High school..
Which is about five-ish years ago...
Now call me crazy but that does not seem far right? I dont think so.

Yeah I never let him forget it. Poor husband.

Ok now that Ive told you the story of my selfishness. Let me tell you why I cant get this (Awesome)car.
Oh wait.....
  First let me show you what my car looks like first.

 Exhibit A:
My "too small for Megan to fit in" car.
Well her car seat for that matter

Anyways this little tiny car is so not spacious and pretty oldy. I am not the type of woman to want a luxury car, I just want a spacious vehicle. Thats all I want. I want for Megan to have some space back there (not that she is going to be walking around when I drive) but for her to just have some freakin space.
The Vehicle is not really for's for Megan..And a little for me. But more for her. She has already told me she wanted a newer car. Cant blame the poor girl. I do need one.

Here is the car I would like:
Exhibit B

Now can anyone guess why my husband has told me specifically why I cant have this one..Scroll up and look at his Current Vehicle (the truck) look at Exhibit B.

Why yes....It is because of the Gas..Gas! I really hate Gas.
If the gas was not so high I might be buying myself one of thses but Im not:(

One day I will but for now it's a no. Which I understand. But still in the first place the dude should have thought of the gas...but then again we did but I didnt know that I would be the one who would have to sacrifice getting myself THE car.

So now I have to get a car not an SUV.

So we are looking into these vehicles....

Dont take this post the wrong way I am very very lucky that I will be getting a new vehicle I just wish my husband had not ruined his jeep. Its a laughing matter now. Stuff happens for a reason:)

The husband gets off early so we can go car shopping and Im pretty excited. We went this past weekend but it was a dud:(
Hopefully something pops up today:)

Hope ya'll had a great Monday:)

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