Friday, April 13, 2012

Creepy! (Instagram photos)

Call me crazy but does anyone else find this day to be kind of CREEPY!
I'm not even superstitious but something about this Friday the 13th Is a little scary.
Then to top it off, Jaime has Drill this weekend.
So me and the Princess will be alone during the day,well not really but we will be without him during the day. Poor guy will be working nonstop this week. But I think he would rather be working than  bored at home,he's one of those:P
Not sure What me and the PRINCESS will be doing this weekend.

Its still an open book. I do know the little one needs some clothes. One of her buttons came off from her pants and then I found some thread something off from her shirt. Ugh that made me feel like an awesome mother!(not)

I think Ive mentioned here before that I am a coca cola addict. Seriously I can drink 5 or more a day. YES i KNOW IT'S TERRIBLE! Two days ago I made a challenge to myself (again) that I would drink only one a day and then graduate to none a day. I dont know how long that will last but I really need to cleanse my body(is that how you say it?)Im 23 and I dont think I should be drinking that much caffeine.

Last night Miss Megan and I played Candlyland. I  know she is not the only kid in the world who has lost the little Characters from the Game. They are somewhere around the house but only they know where they are exactly. So what does momma do? I  improvise. I got a tinker and belle to be the characters in the game of Candyland! It was fun. Megan was laughing and laughing up a storm. While momma was talking for the Characters:)

I think I mentioned here before that we got tickets to see Dare to Dream. I am so excited to see them next weekend. I dont think Megan is aware its next weekend,oh but you better believe I wont stop talking about it come this Monday morning, and possibly the whole week to get her hyped up:)

Hope ya'll have a good Friday the 13th!!!


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