Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Letters


Dear Drivers, Could you at least slow down on a school Zone. When you don't I just automatically think you are heartless.

Dear Megan, I wish I knew why you have been acting up this past 4 days. Momma is seriously going crazy. Go easy on me this weekend. Daddy wont be here this weekend and I know he is the only one that can calm you when you go nuclear. Be good to me.

Dear FICA , Seriously you are taking too much money from us. Calm down will you?

Dear Marine, stay away from my sister. I Understand your my husband friend and I thank you for your service and I like you as a person, however I know your going through something so please stay away from her till your better.

1 comment :

Amy Powell said...

I hate people that don't slow down in school zones! that is really annoying.

hope you had a great weekend :)

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