Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter and Miscellany

I cant beleive that I have not blogged in awhile. Its terrible, these next two weeks are going to go by really quick. Its about to be the end of Spring semester and I still have a few more things to get done.
So on to the post:)

I will start with our Easter and some Miscellaneous things.

Our Easter this year was so different than we have ever had one in the past...we ate Turkey. Yes you read that right  Turkey! We have had an extra turkey in our Freezer and finally ate that thing. It was pretty funny. We were getting some funny stares when we would tell people what we were going to do for Easter.hehe It was funny.

This year Megan was really into the Egg Hunt which made me really excited! && This year we had Jaime. He only experienced about 2 Easters with Megan and Megan is really attached to her daddy so this was a treat for both of them. I know he really enjoyed watching her looking for the eggs:)

We also had some of our cousins come over and some how it ended up into a competition with my bow and arrow and a target that my husband bought himself. So our cousins were trying to beat each other with how many they can shoot:) It was hilarious watching them compete against each other.

You also may have notice the Easter pictures I took. My husband told me I could not get some professional pictures done (what new?) so me Of course I thought and said wait a second I have a really awesome camera lets just use that and get some little Easter eggs and we got a picture:) 

I really just wanted a picture to have for this day

My sister and her Boyfriend

We had such a blast on Easter:) I loved it!!!

Ok so here is my Miscellany and Phone photo Fun

I seriously Love this Man!! He makes me laugh and always kisses me in the morning before he leaves. I love it!

This on Easter she really hates for people to be dirty. She found some egg shells on my dads hair and she just had to take it off.

I think this little one is in Love with Hobby Lobby as much as I am! I bought her this cute little necklace that had a M on a little cupcake. She really liked her necklace.

Bought this swimsuit for Megan three days ago,she has yet to wear it. She wont get in the pool unless I do. The pool is pretty deep so I dont want her to go in unless she is with Me or Jaime. I think it's a cute swimsuit though right?

I have a whole lot of homework and this little one is always distracting me:P
This was the Easter Basket I made her for this Easter,I still remember the first basket I ever made her.

Ok last picture of my little girl. 
She really is a baker girl. She is always wanted to make something with her momma. I think Ive mentioned that before here.Seriously thats all she ever wants to do.

I found some pictures on my myspace that I never use and I will be posting them and talking about them later on this week:)

What did ya'll for for Easter?


Holly said...

aww love love love all the photos!

Savanah said...

nothin' wrong with a turkey on Easter ;) Your little girl is so precious!!

*Katie* said...

Your little one is so cute! Looks like she had so much fun.

Ashlee Miller said...

Cute swimsuit! Love the family Easter pictures!