Monday, April 2, 2012

I really dont like Monday..things sometimes go so wrong in the morning like a grumpy little girl not wanting to get out of bed. Grrr.

Texas Weather!!- Holy Cow! Its is so hot outside or at least this weekend it was. So what did momma do? I went out and bought a pool!=) Where were came across this weird man but Im not going to get into that right now. This pool took awhile to get up and in the end we did it wrong so it looks kind of crappy so we have to fix it up again most likely this weekend.

We stayed staring at these products figuring out which ones were the ones we needed:/

Pizza Hut!- Seriously I love Pizza Hut. Our daughter almsot fell back because she was pushing herself from the table..that was scary!

Academy- My poor husband really needed some boots for work and we searched for month because well lets face it the guy is so picky with his boots. But finally we found the right one and the ones he really liked.

Clothes:  This weekend we went through alot of clothes of Megan's. It is just an ongoing of the never ending clothes life.(if that makes sense). The chic has alot of clothes but yet I still feel like she does not have enough.Is that weird.

Easter: I really want to take some pictures but someone keeps saying that we have too many photos of ourselves *cough* I am going to go somehow get my way and get some pictures taken probably by my camera but still it's something. I CANNOT wait to get megan's basket together:) I know I will be putting this doll in there:)

Hope Ya'll had a good weekend Im off to school now:)

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Rebekah said...

Megan looks so cute hanging out in the pool! What is with husbands and saying that there are too many pictures? I can't wait until Dylan comes home because I have our photo session all planned out!