Friday, April 20, 2012

It's Friday Pumpkin!

life rearranged

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I had this huge test on Wednesday, I will find out if I pass today,If I want to 
know today of course. Wish me luck. This was just me testing myself with some practice tests online.

 On Tuesday we had a storm,which was pretty creepy. At first the sun was shinning the next it was so dark like it was about to me night time.

I am a mom and I hardly ever buy myself anything. I dont know if it's because I have a girl and when I see alot of girl stuff I love,I just have to buy stuff for her instead. Buutt I finally bought a purse! I really needed one.

I am not huge on Coffee. I actually really really hate coffee. But every time I see the commercial of the caramel moca from McDonalds I really wanted to just try it. I give this drink like a 6 out of 10. Bu then again Im not a huge fan of anything coffee.

I LOVE this picture of Megan. She's the cutest thing ever!Ahhhh!
She's such a cutie!

Yesterday Megan and I made some cupcakes! They came out delicious! I usually dont eat my own cupcakes but these sure were delicious.

We went to Target yesterday and these were some of the items we bought. Megan is in love with her Luggage, she strolled it out of Target and everything! Like she owned the thing. Which she does it was just hilarious!

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Happy Friday! Visiting from Life Rearranged's InstaFriday. :)