Thursday, April 19, 2012

Stickers for Positive reinforcements

Ive mentioned here a couple of times that my daughter has gotten into the terrible 3's./ She didn't get the 2's but the 3's. Oh yeah she got the full dose of the Terrible 3's. She likes to pick on her aunt and unfortunately her aunt is easily pickable.

So what we did was create a Little Megan's Chart(behavior chart), so far it is going AMAZING!

This is what it looks like:)

Its nowhere near professional, so this is what came out=)
 Its fine, it does the same job.

We explained to her that after she does all the bath in a row filled with stickers she will get a prize. Most of these are really hard for her to do without a fight I mean tantrums....but there has not been a tantrum thank god. Tantrums drive me nuts but gosh I love that girl and I have a lot of patience so she works well with me:)

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