Monday, May 7, 2012

Changes revealed!!!!

We are Moving!!!
Well we are in the process of moving!!!

The whole day I have been moving all of our things from our storage to our apartment.
 Im pretty excited and nervous at the same time.
Im more nervous about how Megan is going to take it...
she's either going to love it or possibly hate it.

Didnt take too many photos of our apartment.
 Its actually the same apartments that Jaime and I lived in when we first got married:)
& I already met our neighbor he's a really sweet old-ish man:)

I had to clean this storage all by myself...I'm still not finished I still need some tables and some other miscellaneous things I missed

Living Room





Rebekah said...

Exciting things! I despise the actual moving part. It's awful, but once you're settled, it's great!

Holly said...

woo hoo! good luck :)