Wednesday, May 2, 2012

(Changes to come)WILW

Here are the links: Oh, How Pinteresting and WILW

*Well first off I dont know if I will be here much next week...there are some changes in  our lives and we need to get them straight away:) Hopefully everything runs smoothly. I will let you all know what it is once we have done the change.

Car Update: We still have not found my car..we have our eye on one but they were not open at the time and we have to wait till the weekend again to talk to the owner. Its hard when you only have time on the weekends. I have the time,but I know nothing about cars or if it's a good buy,my husband would be the person to know all that hoohaa...Before the month is up Im sure It will be on the driveway:)

Ok so on with the Link ups:)

I am Loving we are going on our 2nd family trip:) I will give you all the juicy details about it later.If your curious about where we are going you can follow me on Instagram. I'll be blowing up that thing:) @dmgonzale07
I'm still not done shopping for this weekend, but I found this cute cap that Megan had to have:) 

I am Loving Hobby Lobby. I could buy everything if I could. I had to get the supplies I needed to make my moms "Mother's day present". I finally finished it I believe Sunday...and just uploaded it on Instagram yesterday. 
Here is the sneak peek because I know my mom will read this.
I love these flowers!

I also bought the notebook for Megans wild remarks:)
It already had three pages of things she has said..and some quotes from momma:)

I am Loving these Fajita with nachos My dad made me on Saturday!Delicious!

I am Loving I made the President's list this semester and I have a 4.0 GPA! I mean I am so proud of myself seriously!

I am Loving this crazy little one:)
in case you were wondering what the link was to the mustaches

I am Loving that me and my dad saw the movie Cabin in the Woods:)

I am Loving these dress up games for girls. Megan and I really like playing these games.

Here are my Pins for the week:

 This one is my favorite...this is exactly how I I feel every month.


Holly said...

Have fun on your trip :)
Great pins!

Arielle said...

new follower over from the link up! cute post! :)