Sunday, May 6, 2012

Driving at night for 6 hours!

I am writing this on Friday so that way no creepies will know how far I am from San Antonio:)
(How is that for overly safe)

So I have to say Im not super thrilled that we have to drive at night to San be honest Im scared of the drive up there.

Only because I think of all the scary movies Ive seen and think it's going to happen to me...because lets be honest it can happen to anyone.

So with that being said I will be taking a knife with us.
(we still have not gotten our gun due to Megan's safety)
Im praying all goes well with the driving part.

So this is what Ive been up to this Friday(yesterday):)

I had to buy new Tennis Shoes for Megan. She does not have any tennis shoes at all.  All she has is flats and TOMS dont want her to complain at Sea World that she got a blister by the TOMS or some flats. I would rather be safe than sorry

Getting some snacks together for the long trip.
 Im sure ya'll have see this done on pinterest.

Here is the LINK

It does not have the exact link but its from Homestead survival.

 I love this is from Target in the $1 section they have there:)

It took awhile to pack but I did it all by myself and I also did some things concerning the changes..Gosh Its like Im super wife/mom:)

I hope ya'll are having a great Saturday
Im pretty sure we are all burned up from Sea World:)

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