Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Letters


Happy Friday!!!!

Dear Husband, 
Ive been loving our evenings and dinner with you! I love hanging out on the sofa watching something or just plain cuddling on the sofa:)

Dear College,
I cant believe you said I have 100 credit hours...for some reason I dont believe you...

Dear Self,
I give you props for not freaking out on being alone in the apartment with Megan. You seem to be growing up and being braver than usual:)

Dear Friday,
I dont know what your problem is...but please look up. I got deregistered at school and  the tub and toilet was overflowing.WTH. The plumbing has fixed but still dont get worse please.(or if you do wait till Jaime comes he'll know what to do)

Dear Rude lady,
I dont know what I did to make you loose your patience. I mean I was not even there with you for that long. & I was being super nice with your...why didnt you just be nice back and gotten over whatever you were going through.

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