Friday, May 18, 2012

I apologize...

Im sorry Ive been such a debbie downer lately. Or at least thats how I feel like thats how Ive been.
Cant tell you how hectic my life has been.
And the changes we have to make again..because people are RUDE.
I didnt want to do this to Megan because I know it's not good for her but then again noisy people are not good for her either.

I just had to hug her and apologize to her that we were moving again for the second time. 

I felt so bad and I still feel bad but I cant do that to us and Im sure this new place is better and even though I feel like Im throwing money left and right I feel alot better where we are going and it is the second to the last move we will ever make:)

I will push this home buying for the end of the year. Cross fingers.

But here are some Instagram photos I took this week. I didnt take alot. I got alot going on and have little time to breath.

 I recieved a strawberry shortcake maker, and it was the easiest fastest thing every! They were made in 6 minutes. The think was super hot but still it was really fast and easy.

 This is Megan with her Strawberry shortcake...she looks so funny. She was picking up her shoulders.

 So today we were eating some pudding and half way through eating it Megan said "why does it taste weird"...I said the same thing and then I looked at the pack and it said Sugar Free. Yuck. It really taste weird...I think Im going to have to give this pudding to my momma. She loves sugar free stuff.

 I went to the Doctors and holy moly these animals on the bottom really gave me the creeps. I think it gave me the creeps because I had a bad dream about some wild animals and that just pushed me over the edge. I also went to the pharmacy and all the old medication we were interesting:)

 Megan was going through some of the boxes that have some of her  toys and she found this Disney that one of Jaime's friends bought her while at Disney world. She made me wear it too and even took a picture of me...but it's a pretty embarrassing photo so no thank you, I will keep that to myself:)

I started School on Monday and already feel so overwhelmed. Thankfully I made some new friends that are in my other classes that can help me with the courses. I feel lucky about that part.
I'm pretty sure I will be ok but it's just alot of classes. I dont think it would be so bad if I didnt have Bio II but I do:(

I will be getting my Associate in December:) Im so proud of myself..I still have a year and a half to go for my bachelors but I know I can do it:)

Have a good Saturday:)

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Rebekah said...

Such a hassle to move again but hopefully this will be better! Megan is just too cute. I bought some sugar free Jello pudding and I'm not a fan! It's just weird!