Monday, May 14, 2012

My neighbors and their sex life

* Please dont read any further if you get easily offended by anthing sex talk related.

So Ive live in my apartment for about 1 week already and in that week my neighbors have had sex at least twice. How do I know?, because their bed is aparently out dated and the springs are insanely loud! and thats not even counting the times they dont use the bed

The first time was pretty funny when I could hear the springs...the second time...yeah not so much.

Seriously can you have sex any louder?

I keep telling myself as long as they dont wake up Megan it's ok.

Im so ready to move.

So what am I going to do today...

after my class and my doctor visit I will be calling to some places to see if they have space or if I can be put on a wait list.

Im going to assume also that these people are not married.

The only reason I say that is because I think the average married couple have sex about twice a week.
Then again depends how long you have been married.

Normally I would not care about people having sex but geez when your about to go to sleep it's super annoying!!

I would like to tell the owner of the apartments but I really dont want to have beef with these neighbors because they seem like the type to give not give a crap about anybody elses feelings & what if they are even louder? So thats why I would rather just leave it alone and just move out. We still have a lease but I cant wait till its over:)

Has anthing thing like this has happend to ya'll and how did you handle it?


Chrissi said...

they were talking about this on the radio this morning. suggestions flew in to write an anonymous letter to the noise makers and see if that helps... sorry to hear about this! i know that's not fun :(

Faith said...

that stinks ... i've never been in this type of situation. knowing me, i would just return the favor ;) really loud. but then again you have a little one so that just might be awkward.

yeah, so my advice stinks.