Thursday, May 10, 2012

San Antonia Part 2

Saturday we I woke up about 6:45am to get ready. I checked facebook and instagram,
doesnt everyone do that in the morning.hehehe

About 7:30 I started waking up the sleepy heads, they take forever to wake up in the morning.

So we head out about 8:25 and eat some breakfast at crackel barrel( I think that is what it is called)
 It was very different and I felt pretty bad because I had no idea it was a restraunt because when we walked in it was a store.

After a yummy Breakfast we headed out for Sea World!!!

 First off I got to say It was extremly HOT and I need to seriously express the word HOT I mean like the hottest of the hottest! It was terrible but Im assuming it's like that in every park.
We had a great time, we did learn that I should have brought a stroller, because we left early due to her being asleep and we could not carry her any longer. So we did leave about 3:00 but it's ok we saw a couple of great shows:)

We went to Fuddruckers that night and stayed in due to the thunderstorm that night. Pretty awesome right?! lol

I cant wait to go again hopefully have more time than just the weekend.

I will give you an update on life for me right now:)



Holly said...

Looks like a blast! :)

Lissa @ The Looking Glass said...

good like with summer semester! i just started this week :)

found you via the newlywed link up!!