Monday, May 7, 2012

San Antonio trip Part1

I hope I don't loose ya'll with this post.
 Promise there will be plenty of pictures to see=)
Have ya'll notice I always put smily faces. Yeah Im pretty much always smiling:)

So Friday Jaime got home..dare I say took forever to get ready and take all the firefighter stuff off of this truck to make way for us and our luggage.
I had a time setting for this trip. We were suppose to leave a 6:30 we didn't leave till about close to 8.
I was hoping to not be driving in the dark so much.

 I had told Jaime that I would drive half of the way over there. I dont know about anyone else but I am scared of those big tonkers that are on the road they have a bad rep that they are driving for 12 hours straight so I am so scared that they will swerve to the side and hit me. Can you tell I get scared for everything?
 I was so focused when I was driving, I told Jaime that he could not talk to me until the road was clear.hehe I really needed to concentrate. It makes me nervous to drive Jaime's truck.

We started to get hungry so we decided to stop at a Dairy Queen. They took so long there and decided to leave but not until I saw a Christmas tree on their window. At first I could not make out what it was, but yep they had a Christmas tree. I was just shocked hehe.

So we went to Burger King next door. I wanna say that we waited 25 minutes for our food. I will admit I was upset..but I kept my cool and didnt say anything, my face expression said otherwise though but I was not rude. Im not like that at all & I wont say anything to them because it really was no their fault. However the workers could tell that I was not happy so they gave me over $100 in coupons:)

When we finally got to San Antonio I was tired Jaime and Megan were all giddly for whatever reason. I was just tired already. Mostly because we kind of got lost and I just wanted to get to the hotel already. Grr.

When we finally found the hotel and the we check in Megan was just so excited and ready for the weekend:)

 Girlfriend was super excited!!!

 Jumping and Jumping!!

2nd Part will come Tomorrow & Also tomorrow I reveal what the Change is:)

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