Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sneak Peak of our Trip

I dont know about ya'll but when I schedule a post it does not post at that time. 
Does that happen for anyone else?

Oh I would like to say thank for those of you who commented on my Mexico scary story, Im glad Im not the only one it has happened to.
I loved hearing your stories.


Well Today I am going to give you a Sneak Peak at Our Trip to San Antonio.
I will give you the full post tommorrow(if the schedule actually post it at the right time)
Lets just say there were lessons learned for next time. Yep...

Ok so Little mini story before I show you the Sneak Peak,
about 5 years ago Jaime and I went on our Honey Moon to San Antonio that was about 9 months after we got married due to the military.  We visited Sea World while we were in San Antonio and took a little family picture (of us two).
When we decided we were going to take a trip to Sea World I knew I wanted to take the exact picture we took 5 years ago but with Megan in the picture this time.

Taken 5 years ago...
Taken May 5th
Call me crazy we look better now:) Maybe because we are older and wiser :P

My camera was being terrible with the manual mode was just not working for me that day.
It looked worse...I fixed the picture a little but still needs more work.
I still love the photo though.

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