Friday, May 4, 2012

That time I accidentally almost drove into Mexico

About two or three weeks ago I was invited to a birthday party for my little cousin.
I live about maybe "x" minutes away from the Mexico border. Pretty creepy with all the drug cartels and all that going on...and I will never set foot in Mexico ever again. The horror stories are just too close to home.
My cousins live close to the border maybe about "x" minutes away. 
The party was going to be about "x" minutes away from Mexico border.

I was on the expressway driving to the party and accidentally did not see the sign of the a certain exit street and ended up going straight to the Mexican border. 

Oh my GOD I clearly started to freak out and thankfully my dad was riding with me and was telling me where to turn around. 

Holy geezus it was the scariest thing. I mean I could literally see Mexico just a few feet away.

Im usually really over protective with everything and very alert when Megan is with me and if it looks creepy or not safe I will not go anywhere near there.

Have ya'll ever driven somewhere scary and panicked?


Megan Wadsworth said...

Ha, I know the feeling girl! I was driving down to South Padre from Fort Worth one summer with a friend, and we missed the cutoff highway and ended up taking I-35 ALL THE WAY to the checkpoint. We had to drive along the border to backtrack our way... so scary!

Courtney*Cakes said...

HAHA.. I went to Mexico for spring break on year... After we passed the border and saw the Federale with AK's I was so freaked out and wanted to go home immediately...

Nicole said...

Went to Mexico on my honeymoon never once felt unsafe! Thank goodness =D I've gotten lost in Compton and FREAKED! Like crimes were IN THE PROCESS! I saw cops coming and drove away SUPER FAST! Its crazy how just a few minutes the wrong way & danger lurks!