Monday, May 21, 2012

Tips & Waitresses

 I forgot to Mention to ya'll I changed the name to my blog....It completely slipped my mine it was just one of those bright ideas that was like hey what if I put "Our". I think I feel much better with it like that:)

Little Moments Like This

So lets rewind on this weekend shall we.
 I went to class and ended up having an assignment as extra credit for my first test grade which I will take what I can get because well it's psychology and Im not very good in that subject.
I also went to speak to a manager at another apartment complex and I really liked her she seemed very strict and I really like that.
Then I finished some homework up for classed while Megan took her nap time.
My sister also came to visit me for awhile and then when Jaime came home we went to Buffalo wild wings 

Here is the story about our waitress.
So we get to Buffalo wild wing, we went because my sister was telling me she had gone the night before and I then started to crave it. 
So we get to Buffalos and it takes maybe about 10 minutes for our waitress to get to us and take our drinks.
Ok she comes some time about another 10 minutes later, she we order right. Our food I think takes about 20 minutes, she then forgets to give us some napkins and I have to tell her about 5 minutes later than she about 30 minutes I asked for the cheese fries we had order and said she had forgotten about them. So what does my husband do for a tip...He gives her a whole Dollar.

Now me, I would have given her maybe 2 dollars because well lets face it, it was a Friday and we didnt know if it was her first day. I mean maybe it was who knows. Never the less he gave her a dollar. I was a little embarrased but when I went to visit my moms she said she probably would not have left her anything. I dont know if I see their point of view...Have ya'll ever had bad service and how much did you tip?

That night I had a letter that was at my moms house and it was a letter from the University Im trying to get into and it's official....I will be going to the University of Kingsville. I passed a test I needed to pass in order to get into the Education program.

We also played some Nintendo 64!That was super fun...the graphics looks crazy but still so much fun.

I woke up pretty early. My sister was going to make her First communion,she is the last one of my siblings to make her communion.

Afterwards we had some lunch at a Mexican restaurant with the whole family with my grandma, some cousins,aunts, and uncles. When we finished we headed home and stayed there for awhile for Megan to take her nap.
Then came back to my moms because well I like to bother her:P
We played some Minute to Win which I have to say some are really hard to do.

We had such a good relaxing day. We started with a little bit of fishing, a little bit of watching a movie in the afternoon and going to do some laundry at my moms & the finale of The Celebrity Apprentice.

So that was our was ya'lls?


Rebekah said...

Love all the pictures! If it were me, I would tip how I normally would even if the service was bad. That's just me. Dylan, however, has left restaurants without tipping at all if the service is bad!

Tami said...

Sorry to hear about the bad service at BWW. Sometimes I leave a regular tip if I can tell that the server is really trying hard but just having a bad day. But if they are really rude then I will leave less. Congrats on passing your test! When do you start the Education program?

JhenC said...

Sorry to hear that sad and very bad story, that affects your mode for the day. As we know that we want the waitress/waiter treat us especially but don't be discourage. Let's have more patience in understanding also their situation. ---