Friday, May 11, 2012


Ok this is going to be a little random

School: I start summer semester on Monday. Yay! Im so excited I cant wait to go back to school. 2 weeks off are enough for me, I feel like I have not been in school in forever! I bet when I start Im going to be saying gosh I need a break lol

The move: Oh gosh the move was brutal, I am so sore from the last 4 days. We are finally settled right now. 
We still have some boxes to throw but we are done unpacking. We have so much stuff, its crazy.

 On Tuesday I had an at&t tech man come in to put in some internet and I told him "Im not a hoarder I just moved in" The guy just laughed and said it's not a problem he understood.

These pictures are random from the last 4 days:)

All the books we have & there are still more in the closet

Side table

The entrance 

The 2nd day of moving

Some of the shoes we found...we found way more but we just kept giving them to people and donating our clothes. I wanna say we have donate 15 bag filled of clothes from Me,Jaime and Megan.

Megan's new TOMS

An old jacket from San Diego

Old cup of Megans

1st costume of Megans

My neighbors: Some of them are really nice..and some of them are pretty weird and wild. I hope it goes smooth, but so far we are pretty comfortable and having fun just us three.

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