Thursday, June 14, 2012

Husbands say the Darnest things/Opinions please

On yesterday post I told ya'll that I had my husbands banquet/graduation to go to and I needed a dress.
Well just so happens that we also have a Birthday party for a marine friend and its kind of a big deal because it's been the only one in 5 years he has been able to celebrate at home. That makes me sad. & we also have a wedding that we are invited to(which is my cousins). 
Lots of dresses to buy right?:)

Well The banquet is more important than anything else(dont tell the bride) only because it's my husband firefighter graduation and I get to meet his friends.
So it's kind of a big deal. I showed y'all some photos of the dress I was looking for.

I went shopping yesterday morning to look for a dress.
I actually found some amazing dresses at this store.

Ok before I reveal the dress, I want to say I envisioned a small brown belt with some brown shoes.
Sorry for the bad quality I did not white balance my camera
 These are the brown shoes I was thinking of wearing with the dress.

So I showed this dress to my husband  and he looked at it for like 20 seconds and I said "ok it will be for the banquet". He smiled and said "it looks like something you wear to sleep."


Does it really look like something you would wear to sleep?
Well I don't know how long I'm going to forget that response hehe.
I did tell him that he is able to pick the dress he wants to me to wear.
So wish me luck he does not choose something not pretty.
I'm going to wear this dress to possibly the wedding. Who knows?
Do ya'll think this is a good combination? Im really bad with putting outfits together.


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Nicole said...

That's definitely not something I wear to sleep! Lol I think it's cute! & I love the shoes. You should go in what you feel most comfortable in! Good Luck :)