Friday, June 1, 2012

Im still alive (photo dump)

Wow I have been really bad with my blog. I apologize really. Seriously things are getting so bad here.
I am fixing to move today again.
Im super excited to move again...but not excited to move my stuff. Its not alot anymore we threw alot of things but we still have miscellaneous things.

So I just wanted to sum up the things we have been up to since the last time I posted.

Lets start with my daughter is the smartest kid every. Im raising a smart girl over here and Im so happy and proud of her.

She had a small little graduation and a performance that Megan did, and I think Jaime and I looked like crazy parents tyring to get a video and a ton of pictures for her first performance:)

My cousin also graduated this past weekend which I cant tell you how proud I am of him:)

 I have way to many pictures In my Ipod so Im just doing to dump it on ya:)

Let me just say I have an obsession with these books. I really love Christens Character..maybe too much..but I would say this is the best adult book Ive read so far:)
I will give a review on it later.

 When I read the book this is how I pictures him..I mean dead on pictured him!

 Megan went to the Doctor and we did not have a good time. She is Anemic now So we have to give her Iron Medication now. Poor baby.

 I loved this book..its just the cutest book every. For some reason I felt like I was reading about my husband.

Math lesson!

Thats all for now,I think:)
I will post a review on the 50 shades Trilogy on a little of what I think about.


Rebekah said...

Good luck moving again. Hopefully this next place works out for you! Megan is too cute in those pictures!

Faith said...

i hate moving too ... good luck with everything.

Megan is adorable!

and the book ... i wish i could get into the trilogy ... i just finished the first and have no desire to continue on. i might be lame.

Holly said...

good luck moving!

Megan is sooo soo cute :)

Have a great weekend!