Saturday, June 9, 2012

My view on 50 Shades of Grey

*Spoiler alert & some offensive sexual stuff

Let me first just say I really enjoyed this trilogy.

The first and the third book would have to be my favorite.
Christen I would say is the ideal fantasy man. Rich,sexually energetic,smart, romantic,possessive (in a sexy way), jealous..and just down right perfect.
I think my absolute favorite part of the first book was when  Ana was drunk-ish and she calls him and he sounds so worried for her and tells her "Tell me where the F**** you are", I dont think I have ever been talked to me like that with that kind  of worriedness and also in a way that he needs to be with her. I dont know I thought that was so attractive. I may be crazy though.

I dont know if this happend to any one else but for me it was extremely hard to understand just what exactly they were doing. For example with the "butt plugs" Ive never even heard of those things until I read the book. I swear to bob I didnt even understand how they did that or what exactly happened. I think I read it like 10xs and I was still like "what?!" I could not visualize it.

I had to also google some of these things in the book. Some stuff was like "oh ok I know that"..but some stuff was like "Holy moly!".
 Nonetheless I love the storyline...I read these book in no kidding 2 days. I did not do anything for 2 days but read these books every time I had. Pretty bad because I had to pay for it later with my deadlines from school but still worth it.

I loved the ending! I think the ending made it so sweet:)
I dont think this book is for everyone but I do think that if you have read them you are the few crazy people:) Just kidding. I think people are more curious than anything about these books.

Now let me ask ya'll something that went through my head about the author...How the heck did she know what all these toys and the playroom look like? Does she have one? Does someone she knows have one? and I can only assume she has tried from of these things because how would she know how it makes someone feel right? 
Those were just some of the questions in my head when I read this book.

What did ya'll think about the book?

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