Wednesday, June 13, 2012

What Im loving!

Before I start with WILW have ya'll noticed that every season from Bridezillas the woman are getting worst every season. I mean they just keep getting worse with their personalities. I don;t think most woman are like that right?
I dont know how it feels to be planning a wedding but I really doubt I will be cursing at random people and threatening people. Do they not think that if they were nice they would probably get the same results, so why bother being crazy and mean.
Lets plan a wedding with dignity shall we?

Seems forever I have done a WILW and Im really excited to get back in the game:)

I am Loving I will be getting my classes for this coming fall from the University of Kingsville on the 20th!
So proud of myself!
Let the stress begin!

I am Loving our new apartment!
It is so quiet here.

I am Loving I need to buy a dress for Jaime's graduation banquet. yay!
my husband wants me to wear something teacherly...I just said you want me to wear khakis?hehehe

Im looking for something like these dresses.

I am Loving this week is not as stressful as last week was. Extremely thankful on that.


Rebekah said...

So many great things! I'm so glad this apartment worked out for you and hopefully you find a dress!

And, no. Wedding planning doesn't have to be like that :)

agalandherdog said...

Yay for a new apartment!

JKT said...

those dresses are adorable! I especially love the yellow one and the navy w/ the red belt :)