Monday, July 23, 2012

Baby shower & Park(weekend)

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This weekend was a fun one for us.
On Friday I took my psychology exam and finished in very little time.
Then picked up Megan from Daycare and came home to watch some movies.

I highly recommend watching 21 jump street. I could not stop laughing,literally. It was hilarious.
I thought Mirror Mirror was not going to be that good. It actually was pretty good, the ending part was weird but its a really cute movie. I watched Mirror Mirror with Megan and she enjoyed it for a whole 30 minutes:)

In this house every Friday is pizza day,most of the time. Jaime suggested we go to the park, I told him I didnt feel like going at first but changed my mind and went to the park.

 Megan had a ton of fun at the park. My mother and sibling ended up meeting us there to catch up.

Saturday we woke up made some breakfast and headed to Target for some shopping for my cousins baby shower. I have to admit when we were buying the baby boy some clothes at Target Jaime and I were pretty excited:) I kind of had a glimpse of what Jaime would like our boy to wear some day. Small little baby fever kicked in.It was still so cute. Never forget that smile at the boy sections with my husband.

 The party was a co-ed Baby shower. So everyone came, it was really nice, my dad was little confused on how to play some of the games. He came so close to winning:)
 I think the center pieces were so adorable.

Jaime is the type to play games at parties, im more of a "Im going to watch" kind of girl. My husband begged me to play a game, so I gave in and we played again one of my cousins. I had to make a diaper with a baby blanket. It was pretty hard due to Jaime short but after he picked up his pants WE WON! 
Our bag was filled with snacks:) Very gender neutral. Megan had a blast playing with her little cousins as well.She fell right to sleep after we got home from grocery shopping.

Sunday was a lazy day. Its what I like to called School work day. We catch up on some work and Im pretty much done with everything. I just have to put all my final exam notes together and start to studing:)

What did ya'll do this past weekend?


Ashlee Miller said...

Dominos pizza is my favorite! Great photos.

Veronika said...

Those centerpieces are too cute! Target has some great baby clothes there, love shopping there! Cute blog :)
{stopping by from lowercase letters}