Friday, July 20, 2012


Yay for it being Friday! This week was filled with laughs and a tad bit of an embarrassing moment. For the first time Megan had a break down in public,well it was outside and only two people saw but still public.Whew. But she learned her lesson after she spent the day grounded.

Wednesday, I spent some time with my sister and future brother in law making her mask for the premiere of the dark knight. She also had some cat ears to add to her costume. I think it came out pretty good for only trying once.

 Jaime brought me some lunch and oh my good-ness they were so delicious. Unfortunately we cant go to Mexico due to all the drug cartel so lots of us near the border never set foot there anymore but this was the type of food that people would go for. Yum!! I love that someone started making them here in the US:)

Our Anniversary is about 2 weeks away and I would love something like this photo. Arent they cute charms? I already ordered part 1 oh Jaime's gifts, Im thinking of giving it to him early because Im a cool wife like that :)

life rearranged

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