Saturday, July 14, 2012

My Unique French braid

Hello bloggers:)
I've been having a nice long-ish vacation from blogging and Im not completely back, I just wanted to write a quick post about what I learned yesterday.

*Soon I will be posting an update*

Now you should know I get up at 7:00am and Im out the door at 7:50am to drop off Megan at school/daycare and I head to school. As you can see I dont exactly have a lot of time to do my hair. & lets face it I am a mom so a ponytail is right up my alley. About 98% of the time I have a ponytail( I know Im living on the edge with my hair=)

So lets talk about my hair is thick and it is shoulder length...and I have no bangs and don't even get me started on how FRIZZY it is.Blah. To be honest I get so annoyed with my hair because there is not much I can do with it.

Lately, I have been looking at pinterest and all the amazing things you can do with your hair. Im sure we all wish we could do every single hair style on that sites. Unfortunately, If your like me, you don't exactly have a lot of time to learn how to do every single everyday hair styles. So What is a girl Mom to do?

Well I was looking at some pictures on what I thought was easy to do and fast.

So I saw a French Braid picture on Pinterest. I had no clue how to French Braid
(I will show it in awhile) 
& of course saw some Youtube videos on 'how to make a French braid'

So what did I do?.. I went to the bathroom and made my first attempt.
Did not go well..I think I tried for 30 minutes trying to make a Frenchbraid on myself.

I had to give up because I had a class to get to and just left my hair in again a ponytail.

So I tried again on Megan's hair then on mine again. 
Again... did not go well.

Then i took a break...

There was a country song that my mom used to sing to me when I was trying to do something for the first time and could not get it after so many goes "Practice makes perfect gonna get it right"

So...Tried one more time
And Vuala!!

I did it!!!!

I mean It was not perfect but it's definitely getting there.

I will Master the French Braid just have to keep trying:)

These were the Inspirations:

I also Used this Youtube Video:


Whitney @ Everything Happens For a Reason said...

It think it looks good for just staring out! I wish you lived closer, so I could teach you. I love french braiding!

Katie said...

I think it looks really good! I've been trying to do that forever... and it doesn't look good at all haha!