Monday, July 16, 2012

What we've been up to

Whew! Well where to start?

Well lets start with Megan.
Cant say there have been some huge changes with the little one. She is still very into Disney Princesses.
If its possibly my baby is getting to be even sweeter:)
The other day we were on our way to do a little shopping and I forgot a $10 coupons from Khols well I made it noticeable that I clearly forgot it in the car.
All Megan had to say in the sweetest, caring voice "Its ok momma we will get it later on".
That made me shut up right away and stop complaining. And have the biggest smile ever. How does she do that? She makes everything seem like it's no big deal. I love that.

Jaime has graduated from the Firefighter academy! Cant tell you how proud I was of him that day.
It was pretty much a big deal and I wish his mom was there but his brother came and my sister in law came to support him. They were sending photos to their mom as well. If only she had Facetime then she could have been there the whole time.

Lots of families came out to support their Firefighters:)
It was pretty emotional too.Family members were allowed to pin their sons/daughters.

 One things is for sure this is another one of our Proudest moments:)

As for Me, I will be starting a new semester at a new Univerisity Im pretty excited about it actually:)
Im scared, anxious and nervous. It is getting down to the nitty grittty. 
This will be my last year and a half in college and Im pretty pumped but I know Im going to feel unprepared when I get my own classroom. At least that is what Im thinking is going to happen. Im going to make sure that I'm not unprepared.

4th Of July
We spent it with my side of the family.
My family is pretty crazy fun. There is never a dull moment in that house. It is the place I call home:)

"Dont move daddy"

 Megan did this the whole time. She's not really a fan of the fireworks. Eventually she went inside.

I think that is all for now:)
Hopefully I can get in the groove of blogging again.

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