Wednesday, July 18, 2012

(WILW) Bring on the Fall please?

Yay Im doing a WILW! It's been awhile.  I have a couple of things that I am really loving this week.

I am Loving this amazing bargain we made over the weekend. We were originally going to buy a brand new one but we came across a Garage sale and saw a desk. I asked the lady if she was selling it, she said yes, for $5. I said ok I will take it! Its pretty sturdy. It became my little area in the apartment:)
I am Loving the Summer semester is almost over!
Which means...Fall is almost here. This hot hot sun is too much for me to handle. Im ready for some nice cold air.

I am Loving the Routine I made for Megan. She is alseep by 10:15. It isn't exactly the time I want her to sleep but we are getting there. In the mean time Jaime and I are getting some quality time being alone. Most of the time he is playing video games and I'm studying but occasionally we will joke about something and talk about random things about life:)

I am loving the lemonade from McDonalds! Ive been having this craving for it almost every week. Jaime thinks it's too sweet. It could be but I have a bit of a sweet tooth.

I am Loving that I will be going to Schlitterbahn with my family July30th.
I have a final but this girl needs some time to play. My mom said she would take Megan with her so Megan could start having fun already and I would meet them when I finish with my exam. So excited!!! I need some fun.

I am Loving these outfits from Pinterest! I am so ready for Fall:)

And of course I am Loving my two favorite people.

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