Friday, August 3, 2012

5th Year Anniversary

 It is our 5 year anniversary today!!
We have plans to have dinner at South Padre Island. Im not sure where as long as it has good food. We were thinking of also staying there for the weekend but I dont feel up to it.  I really dont like being away from Megan for that long, I can hardly stand one night. So our plans are to have a romantic dinner and watch a movie without any interruptions. It sounds like no big deal right?Well, when your a parent- having no interruptions is a BIG DEAL.

Im pretty excited about our Cake. I am hoping it is a chocolate cake with strawberry on top. I have to go early in the morning to pick it up. Im so excited.

*We had a sort of a sudden wedding
One day I will pay my parents back for all the rushing:)

We have a tradition ever year we blow out a candle on every anniversary and we make a wish. My wish Is always the same one. Not sure what Jaimewishes for, I should ask if it is the same every year like mine.

*This was our first Anniversary cake

Last year We celebrated our Anniversary 1000 miles apart. But It was still amazing that we were still going strong even though we had been away from each other for months. I still blew out the candle for us:)

I already bought his anniversary present I think he is going to be thrilled to have it:)
Megan chose the wrapping paper:)
Its a baby wrapping paper:P

I also wanted to link up this Amazing Friday with Life Rearranged
life rearranged

On Monday we went to South Padre Island where we enjoyed a day at Schlitterbahn with my family. I have a post about that on Monday:)Lately we have been eating lots of icecream,it's hot so it's ok:) We have tried already so many different icecreams this summer it's pretty shocking.
 My momma bought me this cup. I love it! I use it everyday. Thankfully Megan has not stole it from me..yet.

I made Megan some Oobleck the other day.She was not too thrilled about it she didnt want to touch it at all. I think this stuff is amazing!
Oobleck is a non-newtonian fluid.It acts like a liquid when being poured, but like a solid when a force is acting on it. You can grab it and then it will ooze out of your hands. Make enough Oobleck and you can even walk on it! Her is a video of people having fun with Oobleck link.
Jaime however,was pretty amazed at the Oobleck.
Megan has been really into playdoh lately,she watchs a ton of videos on Youtube and all about either baking or playdoh  or princesses.She's very Youtube's scary.

Hope ya'll have a great weekend:)


Rebekah said...

Happy Anniversary! I really like your traditions that you guys do. Enjoy it!

RedRoseVintage said...

Found you on life rearranged. Congrats on your anniversary! :)


Nicole said...

Very cute traditions! I'll have to think of some too, our 1st is in December =D

Happy Anniversary!