Monday, August 6, 2012

Anniversary weekend recap

Warning long post..but lots of pictures:)
Our Fifth Anniversary would have to be hands down one of the best Anniversaries so far. Then again I think he's only actually been here with me for 2 anniversaries yep, thanks Marines.

During his lunch he brought me some flowers:)
 One rose for every year:)

So I wanted for this year to be extra special. I first started with my hair and It took me an hour to get it just right. I have some bloopers to show before the actual hair-do.

I was trying to get my hair a ceratin way that I saw on Pinterest. They make it look so darn easy.

 This is what I was trying to do.
 They should have put a caption that says not an easy hair do with ladies that have Layers. I have lots of layers and I thought this was going to be an easy hair-do and it wasnt.
This was my first try. I was so determined to get that little strand inside. So I tried two more times. It took me so long because I was trying to make a little twirl in the front so it could fall together but that wasnt going so well for me.

 Here is another try. I am almost getting there,Ive gotten a few strands more inside my little loop.

Then I got here=)Buuuttt then I took a picture of it and it was to the side. At this point I was a little frustrated with my hair.I didnt take it apart I just got the left side and lifted it slightly. 

I was extremly satisfied with my hair. It was not perfect but it was still really pretty.

After putting more pins it was near perfect. My mom really liked the hair-do,it was not too fancy and very me=)

I said we would be going to the Island for dinner but I remembered that we had never been to Olive garden together.He went once when he was a kid and I went when I was 15. I really wanted to try olive garden with him. Its more special when your with your husband.

My mom was so sweet she gave us a little anniversary present. She payed for our meal at Olive Garden.It was really sweet and unexpected.Thanks momma:)

Jaime and I loved Olive Garden.It's definately "us". We are the old couple that likes quiet.Oh geez we are so old:) I was shocked he loved it there but I think it's because we had time to talk and it was easy to hear him. I had looked at the menu online so I already knew what I wanted but the poor guy had no idea what to get.heheh Our meals were delicious and I will most likey get the same thing next time because it was oh so good. It was such a great dinner:)

After dinner we went to see what they were showing at the movies...we were going to stay at home and watch a movie but at the last minute we decided to watch a movie at the movies.
The movie that we wanted to watch was Ted. It started at 8:10 and It was 7:15 so we had some time to kill so we stopped by at The Bass Pro Shop.

At this moment I recieved a Text that my cousin was in Labor.I think I kind of scared the guy that was next to me because I sort of jumped up. She was 5 centimeter dilated around 7:45 and jumping ahead baby boy was born around 2 in the morning.
We watch Ted and it was funny but it was kind of stupid funny. Its a good movie but I would watch Magic Mike over that movie any day.

Our cake traditon continued and we had a chocolate truffle cake this time around:)
It was really cute..we blew our candle out together,usually we have our own candle but this time we used one and we blew it out together=)

We exchanged cards and gifts. I got him an xbox headset.I felt pretty bad because I thought we were not going overboard with gifts this year and my husband, being who he is, didnt get the memo. Its o.k though because he will be turning 25 in 4 days and I will make a comeback=)

Jaime bought me this movie and I think Ive watched it at least 7 times since Friday, It is my favorite movie.I think it's because Ginnifer Goodwin is my favorite actress.

 I thought it was so adorable that he scratched off the 100 anniversary to the 5th anniversary:)

 Pretty:) We will be putting in some holders on this board,Im pretty excited I will have a post on how that goes.

 He also got me some art:)We have a goal that one day we will visit Venice Italy just the two of us and now we have a photo to remind us not to forget about our destination goals:)

We were a little sugar high and I didnt sleep till 2 in the morning. It was a great Anniversary and it was I dare say "Perfect".

On saturday we had a birthday party  to go to but around 4:00 Megan fell asleep on my mothers bed, when we were going to leave, so we decided to leave her there and go to the birthday party without her. It was really cute,it was a birthday theme of Mickey and Minnie and the kids were in a inflated water slide.Not sure what they are called exactly.
 My husband playing outside with my sister's boyfriend's remote control helicopter

 There cute little apple dipped chocolate were at the party.They were very delicious.

My husband Marine buddies that we still keep in contact with:)

Sunday was a relaxed day and spent some time with my brother and sister.My sister has a little event planned for her boyfriend that I think is amazingly cute. I will be taking pictures for her on that day.

My brother was talking but apparently he could not hear himself.Weird:)

Well if your still with me please give youself a pat on the back:) Im sorry it turned out so long.
 What do you order at Olive Garden?Do you have any traditions on you anniversaries?

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Nice hair-band flower. this use for girls.

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Rebekah said...

Such a fun anniversary date! I love your hair!

Rachel said...

It was our fifth wedding anniversary this weekend too!

Congratulations! Looks like you had a great time.