Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Great buys & Megan's list

A week before my final exams I made a list that had all the things I wanted to do with Megan because the poor girl has not had her full mommy and daddy due to school. I really want this mini break to be about her. So I made a list of things to do with her,Ive crossed out some things already but I still have plenty to do.

Mini break with Megan:
Make Oobleck
Go shopping-I would scratch this off but when am I ever done shopping=)
Go to Sweet spot
Take Pictures of her
Go to the movies
Have a movie date theme date
Make some crafts

I still have a lot more to go but Its only been 4 days of my break. Recently, we've been doing some shopping and got some great buys.  We are always on a budget, we have to be, college books are not cheap and having a little girl requires lots of money. I dont think a boy is as expensive but then again I would not know I just have a little girl.hehehe

So the items you will see are from The dollar tree, Target and Kmart. None of the items were more than 3 dollars.

I found these cups in the $1 aisle at Target,I love that section! They also had some neat items for Teachers. It is one of the sections I will be stopping by when they give me a grade level I will be doing my hours this semester. We've already had a bad experience with Megan and glass cups, she will no longer be drinking out of a glass cup. Have to have plastic cups for kids. Lesson learned.

 These plates, if you can believe it I found at the Dollar Tree arent they pretty? I love these type of plates..they look so fancy.

 This cup was pretty neat. We are Coca-Cola addicts. Its a bad thing, we cant seem to get away from and when I found these glasses, I was in awe with it. There were some others but they looked really heavy and too tall but this one was just right.It is light weight and not too tall. 

I have been needing some towels b/c all of our towels got lost in transition with both moves and wounded(sp?) up in some kind of a towel world to never return. So I had to go out and buy some towels. These cute towels, I found at Kmart.They were having some sort of a towel sale on designed and monogrammed towels. Unfortunately I could not find a "G" towel but I did love these designed towels. They are so pretty and so "me and Megan". They were $2.33

So those were our pretty neat and reasonably priced items I found with Megan=)

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